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General Questions

What is NCPS?

NCPS is a group of passionate, dedicated psychiatrists. NCPS is a district branch of the American Psychiatric Association. It is a membership organization providing continuing medical education, support and camaraderie for psychiatrists in Northern California.

What does NCPS do?

NCPS is a professional organization of psychiatrists which works to improve access to mental health care for patients and train psychiatrists and other health care professionals in latest treatment options for those patients who are mentally ill or mentally disabled.

What does NCPS do for members?

NCPS serves as a resource for members in many areas: Medicare questions, general matters about billing, running an office or closing a practice, government or legislative information, and membership concerns. NCPS is also a source for continuing medical education and a place to enjoy social activities.

What does NCPS do for the public?

NCPS can provide names and phone numbers of member psychiatrists who are currently accepting patients. NCPS has information to assist patients in knowing their rights and how to deal with a number of common insurance issues. There are also links to other mental health resources listed on this site, please see Resources.

Lodging Complaints

I have a complaint about a psychiatrist. What can NCPS do?

If you have an ethics complaint or other grievance regarding a member of NCPS, please contact the NCPS Executive Director at (415) 334-2418 to provide the name of the psychiatrist. If indeed the psychiatrist is a member of NCPS, you will be provided information on how to file a written complaint. Only written complaints can be acted upon by the NCPS Ethics Committee.


To advance the quality and effectiveness of psychiatric care through advocacy, professional education and camaraderie.



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