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NCPS provides the following information to the general public to assist them in answering their questions about mental health issues and mental healthcare. The links are provided as a convenience and do not imply endorsement. NCPS is not responsible for content provided on websites hosted by organizations outside NCPS and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information they contain.

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The Northern California Psychiatric Society and the American Psychiatric Association recommend following these steps for coping in the days following a traumatic event:

  • Keep informed about new information and developments, but avoid overexposure to news rebroadcasts of the tragedy. Be sure to use credible information sources to avoid speculation and rumors.
  • If you feel upset, you are not alone. Common reactions to trauma include anxiety, depression, irritability, difficulty sleeping, isolating yourself from others and increased use of alcohol and tobacco to manage your emotions. Talk to friends, family or peers who likely are experiencing the same feelings.
  • If you have contact with children, keep open dialogues with them regarding their fears of danger. Talk about your ability to cope with tragedy and get through the ordeal.
  • Feelings of fear, sadness and anger following a traumatic event are natural and may persist for days or much longer. You may want to seek psychiatric care if you or your child are having increasing problems at home, work or school, using more alcohol, or experiencing symptoms that don’t get better after a few days.


Below are links to infomation and resources from national, state and local health organizations & institutions, as well as the latest on telemedicine, HIPPA, and billing information and instructions, to help you stay up-to-date and safe in this unique and difficult time. This page will be updated continually as information comes in. If there is anything missing or that you think should be included, please send it to

Beware of COVID-19 Scams: Consumers and healthcare facilities are being targeted by scammers posting as representatives of CDC, DEA, WHO or Medical Boards and asking for personal information, donations, etc. Click on resources below explaing in more detail:


APA COVID-19 Resource Center - - continually updated


Elsevier COVID-19 Healthcare Hub - Toolkits for Healthcare Professionals - CLICK HERE

FCC COVID-10 Telehealth Program: - continually updated

Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) - The latest regarding state licensure during COVID-19: - continually updated

California Department of Insurance - COVID-19 Updates - continually updated

CMS COVID-19 Updates: - continually updated

CMA COVID-19 Udates: - continually updated

Calif. DHCS COVID-19 Updates: - continually updated

Health & Human Services COVID-19 Updates: - continually updated

DEA COVID-19  Updates: - continually updated

FDA COVID-19 Updates: - continually updated

CSAM Medicare Reimbursement & OTP Guidance -

CSAM Medicare/Telemedicine Provider Fact Sheet -

SAMHSA Opioid Treatment Program Guidance and FAQs -

An Important Telehealth Message from NCPS Ethics Chair


FCC COVID-19 Telehealth Program -

HSS CARES Act Provider Relief Fund

CMS Accelerated and Advance Payment Program Fact Sheet

Private Practice COVID-19 Economic Survival Resource Page (created and provided by member):






Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education: Stage 3 Pandemic Emergency Status Guidance

HRSA Federal Funding Resources:

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) -

US Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce During COVID-19 -

AMA Phsyician's Guide to COVID-19


AAAP COVID-19 Updates -

Medscape Psychiatry COVID-19 Resource Center:

AACAP Resource Library:


Daily Live Briefings from Governor Newsom at 12:00 noon via Twitter @CAgovernor and via California Governor Facebook page 

Office of Governor Gavin Newsom

Office of Governor Gavin Newsom: Latest Action Items At-a-Glance - Continually Updated

California Governor calls on ALL who have background in health

CMA link to latest news, information and resources

California Department of Public Health (CDPH) -


Heal San Francisco Press Release - Expanded Mental Health Support for Health Care Workers:

Volunteer to Provide Pro Bono Counseling for Front-line Healthcare Workers Facing COVID-19: Bay Area Project: CLICK HERE for more information

San Francisco City/County:

San Francisco Mayor, London Breed:

San Francisco Department of Public Health

San Francisco Department of Public Health: Masking Guidelines for High Risk Patients & Staff

Stanford University -

University of California San Francisco -

San Mateo Medical Center -

California Pacific Medical Center -

Kaiser Permanente, San Jose -

Kaiser Permanente, Oakland



The NCPS Resource Committee offers a confidential line to speak with a committee member about any question or concern regarding yourself or your practice.  This is a benefit of NCPS Membership.  While NOT formal treatment, you may call about practically anything. 

You may choose the hotline or contact any committee member directly by email or phone below.  You may request anonymity and/or ask that your name not be shared with other committee members.  In short, this is:

  • a free service
  • conversations are confidential 
  • anonymous by request
  • a service without notes or records
  • a service insulated from outside requests for information

Managing Stress in psychiatric practice keeps us well and averts burnout...

Hotline: 888-386-3641: Your call will be returned by the committee member on call or 

Call a committee member directly or you may initiate contact by email:

1.  Suzana Simkovic - 925-765-9750
2.  Lynn Bertram - 925-254-0700 or
3.  Marvin Firestone -
4.  Sam Naifeh - 415-420-0078 or
5.  Gary Nye - 925-254-3222 or
6.  Richard Cicinelli -
7.  Simran Singh - email:
8.  Farah Zaidi - email: 
9.  Victoria Cabanela - 707-246-5488 or

Common Mental Health Issues

For information regarding many common mental health issues please see the website At this site individuals can search by specific mental health issue, population subgroup and do a general search. The site was created the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

APA Well-being & Physician Burnout Resources

For resources on the APA website, go to:

National Alliance on Mental Illness


NAMI offers free, volunteer-driven support for families of patients suffering from mental illness. It is a good grassroots organization where people can find out valuable information without having to see a psychiatrist. NAMI oftentimes has psychiatrists (sometimes NCPS members) speak to them at their monthly meetings. These meetings are free to the public and a good example of the kind of information NAMI provides


Patients with Medi-Care are experiencing difficulties when trying to find a psychiatrist. While none of our members currently accept Medicare in private practice the following are a list of resources that should help in finding a physician accepting Medicare.

  • California Health Advocates is a non-profit dedicated to Medicare advocacy and education for Californians.
  • California Government website specifically for Medi-Cal
  • At the Official US Government Site for Medicare patients can search for doctors accepting Medicare. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Servies is open 24 hour a day 7 days a week. Telephone: 1-800-633-4227 Website:

County Health Services

County Health Services are the best resource for patients who are using Medi-Cal or Medi-Cal insurance to cover the cost for mental health services. Almost every county has a county hospital (and several clinics) where Medi-Cal patients can be seen. County Health Services are also a good place to start for patients using other types of health insurance. To see a list of contact information for Northern California Counties please click here.

Affiliated Associations


American Psychiatric Association: the national organization representing psychiatry.

Tel: 888-357-7924

Other District Branches of the APA in California

Central California Psychiatric Society

Tel: 888 234-1613

Orange County Psychiatric Society

Tel: (714) 978-3016

San Diego Psychiatric Society

Tel: 858-279-4586

Southern California Psychiatric Society

Tel: (310) 815-3650


To advance the quality and effectiveness of psychiatric care through advocacy, professional education and camaraderie.



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