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Asian American Issues Committee

The committee promotes communication, peer support, informal mentoring, and education among local psychiatrists interested in Asian American issues. All interested NCPS members are welcome irrespecitve of their race or ethnicity. The committee meets roughly every other month on a weekday evening.

Contact: Jacquelyn B. Chang, MD (650) 692-2520

Awards Committee

The committee meets three times every other year to prepare list of awardees for Awards Dinner.

Contact: Rona Hu, MD (415) 334-2418

Budget & Finance

The committee meets four to six times per year to review finances of the society.

Contact: NCPS Office (415) 334-2418

Constitution & Bylaws

The committee meets as needed to evaluate society's Constitution and Bylaws.

Contact: Randy Solomon, MD (415) 401-2767


These positions are by election of the members. They meet approximately 10 times per year to discuss issues of the organization.

Contact: Smita Das, MD, PhD, MPH - Society President

ECP / RFM Committee

The ECP (Early Career Psychiatrists) and RFM (Resident Fellow Members) were recently combined in order to provide continuity to members in residency as they transition into the next stage of their careers. Networking opportunities, assistance with job searches and CV writing, as well as social activities will be provided to members.

Contact: Vacant (415) 334-2418


Membership by invitation only. The committee meets quarterly to review ethical complaints against members.

Contact: Marvin H. Firestone, MD, JD (650) 212-4900


The committee meets three times per year to prepare Distinguished Fellowship applications for review by APA.

Contact: Larry Lurie, MD -

Government Affairs

The committee works with CPA and APA to represent psychiatry in local political and governmental issues.

Contact: Melinda Young, MD (925) 944-8880

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

The committee meets electronically and weighs in on matters related to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender patients.

Contact: Vacant - Contact (415) 334-2418 if interested


The committee meets quarterly to review transfers in and out, new members and consider requests for dues relief.

Contact: Firdouse Huq, MD (Interim Chair)

Professional Education

The committee meets eleven times per year to plan and evaluate educational programs, including but not limited to our Annual Meeting & Scientific Program, our Annual Fall Conference, webinars and workshops.

Contact: Farah Zaidi, MD, Co-Chair (650) 573-2530  
                 Diana Wertz, MD, Co-Chair (650) 690-2778

Psychiatry & Technology

This committee meets every other month by phone conference call, to discuss new information, education and research regarding technology in psychiatry.

Contact: Peter Forster, MD -

The Resource Group 

This committee meets monthly by phone conference call, to discuss new information, education and research regarding the wellness of psychiatrists. The Resource Committee's Hotline is 888-386-3641.

Contact: Suzana Simkovic, MD (925) 719-2910



To advance the quality and effectiveness of psychiatric care through advocacy, professional education and camaraderie.



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