John Barnhart, M.D.

Councilor at Large

Jun 2022 - Jun 2025

To confront and begin making sense of life's difficulties, one needs space for reflection. Whether new or long-festering, affecting your career or personal life, involving emotional pain or cognitive performance—I will take the time to understand your context and concerns.

I work with adults who are invested in taking an active role in their self-improvement. Together, we will build a holistic treatment plan personalized to your values and goals. As a physician trained at UCSF and the University of Pennsylvania, I will offer you up-to-date counsel when considering diagnostic testing and prescription medications, collaborating with other members of your care team, if desired. I may also integrate guidance on supplements, where evidence suggests they may be useful. My approach recognizes that our daily routines—including the presence or absence of healthy sleep patterns, nutrition, physical movement, substance use and stress—can substantially impact mental performance and overall wellbeing. I can help you consider whether and how specific lifestyle changes can support you in reaching your optimal functioning.

Biological interventions are helpful in managing symptoms, yet I believe it is relationships that catalyze healing and transformation. I strive to create a confidential and non-judgmental environment where you can feel comfortable discussing sensitive matters. Talk therapy plays an important role for many in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, uncovering root problems, navigating transitions and sustaining improvements. We may decide to embark on this type of exploration together, or if you are already working with a trusted therapist, I will gladly collaborate with them as part of your team.

I respect your time. My practice is a modern one and patients have prompt access to me via secure digital communication tools. I offer flexible appointments with both virtual and in-office options available for busy professionals.


To advance the quality and effectiveness of psychiatric care through advocacy, professional education and camaraderie.



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