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For several years it has been the mission of the Psychiatric Foundation of Northern California to provide a mechanism whereby Northern California psychiatrists are afforded an opportunity to step outside their offices and beyond their ideas, patience, support, and theories in order to effect actual physical and measurable changes in our communities and in the lived lives of those individuals whom our lives touch both inside and outside our offices.  

Examples of such actual physical and measurable changes include PFNC and Dr. Mel Blaustein having taken the initiative in supporting the installation of a safety net under the Golden Gate Bridge so as to make it difficult, if not impossible, for depressed and otherwise disturbed individuals to commit suicide from that structure.  

Another example of PFNC psychiatrists working to effect actual and measurable change in our living environment and that of our patients has been in providing homeless men and women with counseling and psychiatric medications through several clinics in San Francisco. It is with this in mind that the Psychiatric Foundation of Northern California asks you to make a tax-deductible contribution to it annual foundation appeal.  

This year the Foundation is raising money to fund a program at San Francisco Suicide Prevention (SFSP) to prevent teen suicide. There is an urgent need for this work. Earlier this year Netflix released a show about teen suicide and within 30 days, Google searches for suicide skyrocketed.   The show became a must watch for teen-agers and a source of worry and terror for parents and school officials. San Francisco Suicide Project began an outreach program to the schools that has been very well received. The staff visit the schools and help the students understand the concept of suicide. They provide resources and phone numbers for anyone that is having such thoughts themselves and they provide a face to the program. They also help students learn what they can do and say if someone they know is talking about or thinking about suicide. More schools are requesting this help and SFSP needs the funding to expand the program.

We are hoping to give them $10,000 at their annual gala. We want you to help us reach our goal.

Contribution Amount  Contribution Level
Up to $99 Friend of the Foundation
$100-$249 Contributor
$250-$499 Benefactor
$500-$999 Sponsor
$1,000-$4,900 Patron
$5,000 and over  President's Circle


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