Please see the tentative schedule below. More details will be added as they are finalized. 

Friday, March 13, 2020
1:00-1:45p         Executive Council Meeting (Closed)

1:45-2:45p         General Council Meeting  (open to members, please RSVP)            

3:00p                  Registration Opens                                             

5:00 - 7:00p   Welcome Reception ~ Celebrating Our Milestone 60th Annual Conference

Saturday, March 14, 2020

7:30a                Registration Opens & Breakfast                                                                                                     

8:30-9:00a     Welcome & Conference Introduction ~ Smita Das, MD, PhD, MPH

9:00-10:00a    TBD

10:00-11:00a   Management of Bipolar Disorder ~ Descartes Li, MD                            

11:00-11:30p    Morning Break & Visit with Exhibitors                                                                                        

11:30-12:30p    Keynote Speaker
                            Psychopharmacological Emergencies: When Prescribing Side Effects May be Lethal ~ Jose Maldonado, MD, FAPM                                                     

12:30-2:00p     Box Lunch Documentary Viewing with Q&A Discussion ~ Gary Tsai, MD   
                            Voices: an award-winning documentary that features the stark and intimate portraits of three very different individuals and their stuggle with severe mental                                illness in America                 

2:00-2:30p       Afternoon Break & Visit with Exhibitors                                                        

2:30p-2:45p     Exhibitor Bingo Drawings (must be present to win)                                                

2:45-4:00p       Integrative Psychiatry Panel:
                            Intro to Theory & Clinical Practical Issues ~ James Lake, MD   
                            Investigating Ayurveda in the Genomics Era: A Brief Research Review ~ Sudra Prathikanti, MD
                            Practical Cases in Integrative Psychiatry ~ Tracy Peng, MD                                                                               

4:00-5:00p      Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy ~ Ronald Albucher, MD

5:00-6:00p      Networking Reception & Visit with Exhibitors                

Sunday, March 15, 2020                                                                                                        

7:30-8:30a        Breakfast Buffet & Caucus Table Meetings                                                                                            

8:30 -10:00a     Research Frontiers in Psychiatry:
                             Autoantibody Discovery in Psychotic Disorders: Then and Now ~ Christopher Bartley, MD, PhD
Problematic Cannabis in Youth/Young Adults ~ Adina Fischer, MD, PhD
                             SAINT: Rapid and Highly Effective Remission from Depression ~ Brandon Bentzley, MD, PhD

10:00-11:00a     The Future of PTSD Treatment ~ Shaili Jain, MD                                                                                                         

11:00-11:30a      Morning Break & Visit with Exhibitors 

11:30a - 12:30p Keynote Speaker
                              Tranceformations: Hypnosis in Brain and Body ~ David Spiegel, MD

12:30–2:00p      Seated Lunch/Resident Vignette Competition 

2:00–3:00p       Why Legislators Need to Hear From Psychiatrists: Evoking Change at the State & Local Level
                              Erin Berry Philip, MA, JD ~ APA Director, State Government Relations
                              Kathy Orellana ~ APA Regional Advocacy Director

3:00–3:30p       Afternoon Break & Visit with Exhibitors

3:30–3:45p       Exhibitor Bingo Drawings (must be present to win)    

3:45–5:00p       The Bad and the Good: Empirical Findings of What Gets Psychiatrists in Trouble with Regulators and the Law and Good Practice Suggestions
                             Anna Glezer, MD ~ Panelist
                             James Reich, MD ~ Panelist

                             Marv Firestone, MD, JD ~ Moderator

5:00-5:15p        Closing remarks

* Schedule subject to change


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