The Resident Perspective Quotes & Comments from RFM’s & Medical Students

This year’s NCPS Annual Meeting had nearly 50 resident & medical student attendees! NCPS supports their attendance with either FREE or greatly reduced registration and lodging reimbursement (up to a limit). All we ask is that they participate to the fullest and immerse themselves in the experience, taking advantage of networking and opportunities available to them at the conference. To get an idea of the impact our conference has on our next generation of psychiatrists, below are some quotes & comments from their experience.

CPA legislative update by Randall Hagar, CPA Director of Government Relations

“Extremely helpful to learn about active legislation on the docket for 2019 and recently passed legislation” ~ Dr. Belinda Wang, PGY-1, UCSF Residency Program

“Excited to hear that the new Governor of California is heavily invested in mental health and we are in a good opportunity to legislate for change” ~ Roman Roque, Medical Student, Touro University

NCPS Ethics Panel on Boundary Crossings & Violations

“A thoughtful discussion of boundary crossings & violations and I especially appreciated the discussion of technology use and boundaries, as these are increasingly emerging” ~ Dr. Diane Wu, PGY-3, Stanford Residency Program

Psychopharmacology Update by Dr. Mahendra Bhati

“Practical, up-to-date, and powerful talk on cutting edge psychopharm therapies in psychiatry” ~ Dr. Wilmarie Cidre Serrano, PGY-3, Stanford Residency Program

“Dr. Bhati presented a wonderful discussion on new antidepressant treatments…and the powerful impact of placebo” ~ Dr. Robertino Lim, PGY-4, San Mateo County Residency Program

Psychiatry 2025, the future of psychiatry by Dr. Tom Insel

“A world-renowned psychiatrist and neuroscientist who is embarking on a career in government advising and tech start-ups…what’s not to love?” ~ Dr. Neir Eshel, PGY-3, Stanford Residency Program




Purpose in Life After Retirement by Dr. Dilip Jeste

“Helpful to think about some of these ideas at the start of my career” ~ Dr. Meenakshi Denduluri, PGY-3, Stanford Residency Program

“Surprisingly an excellent lecture [even though] I am very far away from retirement” ~ Dr. Juan Lopez, PGY-2, San Mateo County Residency Program


Rapid-Acting Antidepressant interventions discussed by Dr. William Nolan

“Very formative talk and useful in many scopes of our practice” ~ Dr. Danielle Kamis, PGY-4, Stanford Residency Program

“Exciting to see data on new theta-burst TMS protocols with high rates of remission for TRD” ~ Dr. Jennifer Guo, PGY-4, UCSF Residency Program


Case Study Psychotherapy Panel

“I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of Dr. Weingarten’s creative & artistic approach to therapy and Dr. Levy’s data-driven, methodical approach in the form of CBT-T” ~ Anonymous

Dr. McCarron updates on innovative approaches to expanding the psychiatric workforce in California

“I didn’t realize how big of an issue our decreasing workforce in CA is until I attended this talk, and I’m glad I did! It motivated me to stay in California to patients serve our patients in more integrated settings” ~ Anonymous




Integrating Resources & Networking from the APA and NCPS presented by Dr. Das of NCPS and Ricardo Juarez of APA

“Very inspiring session on networking! I enjoyed hearing the paths the speakers took and their advice on how to make the most out of organized psychiatry and conferences” ~ Anonymous

“Having an ‘elevator pitch’ summarizing who you are is a good way to explain your story” ~ Roman Roque, Medical Student, Touro University

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March/April 2019


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