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Peter Forster, MD

This is our Annual Meeting edition, and I am very proud of the excellent and informative articles by Smita Das, Syd Wright, Farah Zaida and Diana Wertz. Articles that match the quality of the meeting itself. Reading the articles will give you a brief summary of talks on the assessment of suicidality, on innovative strategies for addressing the under-supply of mental health clinicians while preserving the quality of care, on new developments that may be leading to rapid and effective treatments for depression, and on strategies for creating meaningful lives after retirement. You will also get several resident perspectives, particularly meaningful since this meeting saw nearly 50 residents and medical students attend, a record, I think, and a testament to the work of the Prof Education Committee. Also in this issue are two columns in the "Musings" and "Frontiers in Psych" series. These two perspectives capture the dynamic tension inherent in our profession: on the one hand, the need to reflect burgeoning research on mechanisms of illness and new treatments, and on the other hand, the need to imbue our practice with a human touch. Musings, a series conceived of by its editor, Randall Weingarten, reflects the real, human, challenges that each of us face as psychiatrists. Frontiers in Psych, conceived of by Chris Bartley, is a series of articles based on the research of residents, and early career psychiatrists. Readers who want to contribute articles to either column are encouraged to contact Adrianne Davis.

Important updates about NCPS and your APA are to be found in the President's Message and the Society News pages.

Nina Cudney contributes two articles updating us on telepsychiatry - and why it may help address access to care issues in emergency and forensic settings - and on the recent controlled substance prescription bill debacle - and reasons why all of us will want to be seriously considering adopting an electronic medical record.

Finally, alert readers may notice that I have resigned as your APA representative. My wife passed away this past summer and I have had to cut back my work in order to care for my two children. However I will be continuing as the editor of this newsletter.

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March/April 2019


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