2019 Annual Meeting Coverage: Resident Vignette Competition Presenters: Clayton Barnes, MD

San Mateo Residency Program, Earth Hasassri, MD ~ UCSF Residency Program Belinda Wang, MD ~ UCSF Residency Program

NCPS continued its tradition of supporting the personal and professional growth of our resident members with the Resident Vignette Competition at our Annual Meeting. During a plated lunch on the Saturday of the conference, a select number of residents presented their interesting cases with relevance to psychiatry. The Vignettes were limited to 8 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for questions and three judges in the audience scored the presentations on the following:

  • Clarity of presentation (1-10 points)
    • Concise, well organized, complete
    • Verbal presentation
    • Audio/Visual materials
  •  Significance (1-10 points)
    • Clinically important
    • Contributes to knowledge
    • Interesting
  • Relevance to clinical practice (1-10 points)
    • Unique overlap between medicine and psychiatry
    • Use of evidence-based methodology as applicable
  • Quality of Q&A (1-5 points)

The presentation with the highest score received a $100 Amazon gift card and the two runners-up each received a $50 Amazon gift card. All participants received an Award for Outstanding Presentation from NCPS. The three vignette topics were:

Top Scoring Presentation:
Distinguishing Huntington’s Disease from Schizophrenia and Substance Use
Belinda Wang, MD, PhD - PGY-1, University of California, San Francisco


From Psychopathy to Psychosis: A Deeper Look at Violence in Psychiatry
Clayton Barnes, MD, MPH – PGY-3, San Mateo County Residency Program


Unvaccinated and Stuporous: Catatonia as a Clinical Feature of Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis
M. Earth Hasassri, MD - PGY-2, University of California, San Francisco


All presenters are to be commended for the time, effort, and expertise that went into their presentations and for taking advantage of the opportunity to participate.

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March/April 2019


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